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Kratom Yogurt : by admin
Yogurt and Kratom – The first time I tried this method, I really messed it up. I filled a bowl with plain yogurt and stirred a couple of tablespoons of kratom powder in. Don’t be like me and use a large cereal bowl unless you really love yogurt. It was hard to finish the entire bowl, which I realized I had to in order to get the full dose of kratom I’d stirred into it. Instead, try purchasing a small container of yogurt (flavored is better in my opinion, but go with a flavor you enjoy) and mixing kratom in. I’ve become a huge fan of vanilla or lemon yogurt with a tablespoon of kratom mixed in – if I want more, I’ll pop open another yogurt, and it’s still way less than that first cereal bowl of yogurt I tried!
Kratom pudding/ ice cream : by admin
Pudding/Ice Cream and Kratom – I’ve read of a number of people giving this method a go and loving it, and perhaps you will too, but it’s not my favorite ride-a-long flavor to join kratom. Pudding worked better than ice cream, but the gritty texture of powdered kratom was so noticeable in the smooth soft pudding that it killed it for me. The sweet, chocolaty taste of the pudding helped though. If you opt for pudding, go for making your own pudding rather than using a crappy premade version, like I did. Along the live and learn line, soft serve ice cream or ice cream that you let melt a bit first makes it a lot better, but choose your flavor wisely! At the end of the day though, I feel like kratom and dairy products don’t mix as well as other options.
Coconut Kratom Shake : by admin
Coconut Milk and Kratom – This is a special combination I save for when I’m having the worst of pains. Using a real coconut and draining the milk is best, but if you’re lazy like me you can buy coconut milk in a can and it works just the same. You could use it in a shake if you want, but I prefer to use it as my liquid in a toss n wash method. It’s sweeter, smoother, and lighter than real milk, but still really refreshing and it washes the kratom taste away rather effectively. For the ladies reading in the crowd, I find that this helps reduce menstrual cramps more than other methods.
Applesauce and Kratom : by admin
Applesauce and Kratom – Get applesauce with cinnamon in it (or add your own cinnamon) and thank me later. Ice cold applesauce from the back of the fridge, with a tablespoon or two of kratom mixed in, got me through a boiling hot summer in 2010. It was refreshing to eat, delicious, and I couldn’t taste any of the kratom in it! I would practically lick the bowl clean to make sure I got all the powdered goodness, and even then I barely noticed any taste. Cinnamon also acts as a kratom enhancer, but I just thought it made the taste even that much better.
how to prepare Kratom Tea : by admin
greenmalay2 Kratom Tea One tablespoon of your favorite kratom per two cups of water. Bring to a soft boil for 5 min, add sweetener (prefer honey) serve.